Support is currently offered on recently used Assets for unity.

Recently Used Assets technical help

Q: How do I use this tool?
A: See the README.TXT inside the RecentlyUsedAssets folder.

Q: What versions of Unity does Recently used assets support?
A: RUA supports Unity 2018.1 and up

Q: Shouldn’t the list update when I actually modify an asset why do i have to save first?
A: Saving cause assets to reimport in Unity. This is the most robust way to determine if an asset is new or has been changed. (listening to the Undo system does not work for certain assets)

Q: What are the future plans for this?
A: More options and the ability to filter / create custom lists are things I am considering. I would love to hear suggestions.

Q: Will you support this tool going forward?
A: Thats the plan. I use it every day and will keep it up to date.

General Support

Q: I found a bug / I would like to request a feature.
A: Cool. Drop me an email.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: In most cases, yes. Drop me an email.